Actor, Feature Film, “All Lit Up”, Matteo
Actor, Short Film, “Girders”, Gaylord
Actor, Short Film, “Painted Sky”, Billy Leech
Actor, Improv Drama, “Michael”
Actor, Short Film, “Zero Hour”, Aziz
Actor, Short Film, “Robin”, Yes
Actor, Short Film, “Betrayal”, Victor
Actor, Thesis Film, “Stoops NYC”, Eddie
Actor, Short Film, “Teacups”
Actor, Web Series, “Employees Only”, Drew
Actor, Music Video, “The Car’s Sad Song”, Main Talent
Actor, Student Film, “Untitled Project”, Thief #1
Actor, Short Film, “Wolf”, Roger
Actor, Student Film, “Tides”, Mike
Actor, Short Film, “Showing Out”, Vinny
Actor, Short Film, “80’s Babies”, Zander
Actor, Student Film, “To Live a Life”, Brett Whitely
Actor, Student Film, “Zombies From Mars”, Zombie
Actor, Short Film based on a story by William Gibson, Coretti
Actor, Short Film, “Art and Sex”, The Painter


Actor, 13th St Rep, “Wisearce Farms”, Foxy the Fox
Actor, High school play, “Express Train”, Angry Audience Member
Actor, High school play, “Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf”, Big Bad Wolf


Stella Adler Studio, 2012
The Art of The Audition by Jackie & Kerry Donelli, 2010-2011
John Samaha School of Acting, 2009


“Who’s Who” in American high school students for acting


John Samaha, Acting Coach, Actor, 213.471.3647,
Alessia Elysee, Art Director, 917.304.0241,
Nick Vergara, Actor, 917.892.9105,


Music: guitar, blues harp, piano, bass, and harmonica; sble to sing and dance.
Art: painting in oils, acrylic, watercolor; sketching and sculpting with clay.
Sports: basketball, football, baseball, running.
I can speak Spanish, and adapt various accents with ease.